I should begin this title as my first entry, but hey I am still new, so things getting out of control for a while as I’m being too excited and confused on the same time, over this blog. I might end up with tons of grammatical error on my last post, but again I am a newbie here, so forgive me. Anyway my name is Adi Hazmin, a simple guy from Asian who just love to cooking and eating on the same time.

My passions in life are cooking, music, arts, my family and my love, and everything else. Actually I don’t even know what else to write because its getting late and I’m getting sleepy. Besides I have classes to be attending tomorrow as I’m taking my degree in Culinary Arts. Have a nice night and day ahead. I’ll be updating again soon InshaAllah.

♥ NurZuraidahZulkiplly ♥


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