My life

My life

Ups and down, high and low, easy and risky. It might sounds familiar, based from any teenager or true story of a human being who trying to do everything in his life. Well that’s just me, and I have a lots of things in life to be heading to. Lots on experience, more to comes, yet i’m just living this life to the fullest, whereas its getting harder and harder.

To be honest I have a wonderful life to be living, completed with families and my love ones by my side who always being with me along the way, giving me non stop ideas. inspiration, and advice to stay stronger. My life is also filled with great experience towards everything which considered as food. Days and night I just have to eat something, from a bowl of healthy salad to the most cholesterol cuisine, I’m on a right track.

Besides that I believe that my right brain is much more functional that the left one. This is because my passion is more to arts than counting stars on the sky or doing calculations. I just love to get through my keyboard and percussion set. Sometimes I took my time to writing down poems and monologue, which I used to do it regularly before.

In other words, I just love to do everything which always making me happy on the end. I love cooking and creating a smile to those who is eating it, and I will always telling myself that live my life to the fullest, and love and respect to the people you love. InshaAllah you’ll be happy man too.

♥ NurZuraidahZulkiplly ♥


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