Degree adventure has begun !

Degree Adventure has begun !


As I’m writing down this post, I am sitting here all alone in the great structure of Management and Science University’s library. Yeahh I can’t hold myself from being sleepy and yawning, courtesy of a wind that keeps myself chilling here all by myself. Supposedly I shouldn’t being here, yet my class has been postponing to 2pm due for a meeting reason.

For the first 3 weeks here, I found out that my degree adventure was ups and downs. Sometimes I do feel happy, but most of the times its just so lame. Honestly I can’t wait for any kitchen subject because my passion is hiding there. I love to cooks or maybe doing some activities, rather than just sitting on the class, listening to thousands of facts. I can’t help it, but I have to go through every class because I want to pass and excel.

Alhamdulillah I do have several friends here, there are newbie here as well. But one of them is Ahmad Muzakkir who is quite familiar with MSU because he is a progression student from MSU itself. Besides he’s being my classmate for the whole degree session. However there’s still long way and its getting tougher and tougher. I just need to be strong and hold the advice from my mom and sayang as they wanted me to be success in this life.

Pray for my adventure here inshaAllah !

Thursday, 29/5/2014 ( 12.50pm )


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